I am missing an article about sustainability in cultural institutions, events and venues, as I personally feel that is the most pressing topic of today's world. Culture is a department with specific needs and production, that can be optimized when it comes to its carbon footprint. Possibly establishing a consultant specialized in sustainablity in culture could be helpful. To be able to assist to any cultural subject with decarbonising their activity. The consultant / board could also be in charge of overseeing and preparation of city events. Maybe all bigger institutions could be obligated to create a plan together with the consultant / board. Culture can take many forms and art can be an active force in tackling the effects of climate change. Supporting projects or actively seeking for ideas could be another form of implementing sustainability into cultural policy as well another form of inclusivity of non-human into culture. An example of an initiative from abroad:


Absolutely! I believe firstly that any 10 year plan/policy must address the sustainability problem in some way. Secondly, innovation and new solutions will arise from the creative workers. They are the laboratory for change and new possibilities. The consulting board should I believe not only have a technocratic role as experts or consultants existing outside the realm of art, but should be artists themselves and to take an active role in the creation of culture and future communities

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